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This may be a challenging read for some of you! For others, it will make perfect sense! For me, I feel I have to write this after a recent interaction in town!

Last week when I was out with my boys buying magazines (they’d been saving their pocket money for the next issues!) a stranger said to me ‘excuse me while I go past you, I have a terrible cold, I don’t want you or your children to catch it’. She had sneezed into a hanky, covered her nose and mouth and tried to get past us as fast as possible.

Her intention was well meaning. She felt she was being kind. To her, she had ‘got’ this cold from someone and didn’t want to ‘pass it on’. She was a thoughtful person who in her understanding of health was being a kind and good member of society. In my understanding of health, I would’ve been happy to share her hanky and give her a big kiss!!

So my question is this. If these colds are ‘out there’ where do they hide? If these colds are ‘in the air’ why are we all not ‘catching them’? If someone ‘gave you’ the cold where did it come from and where did that person ‘get it from’? If we can catch colds then why didn’t every person she was close to ‘get’ a cold too?

Why were we able to stand fairly close to this lady while she ‘snottily’ excused herself, sneezed and walked past us and not ‘get’ the cold?

Rats to the Dump

Because health comes from inside you. It is not given to you and it cannot be taken away from you! It’s yours. All yours and all your responsibility! You can choose to build your health just like you can choose to demolish it!

The best way I have ever heard this explained was the ‘rats to the dump’ example. The rats do not make the dump. If you kill all those rats that are living in the dump but keep the dump the rats will return. If you move the dump the rats will follow. The rats DO NOT make the dump. If there is no dump there are no rats! And yes you’ve got it, in this example you are the dump!

Health is on the inside

If health comes from inside you ensuring you are as healthy as you can be physically, chemically and emotionally will mean that when you are exposed to people who ‘have’ a cold your body will happily and readily deal with those challenges easily. The challenge to your immune system will be a positive one and you are very unlikely to express symptoms.

Listen to your Body

If you do express the symptoms what then? Well how about viewing that as a positive sign? How about saying ‘hey go me! Congratulations you clever body on giving me the opportunity to listen to what I need to do for myself’.

Instead of being annoyed that you need to rest, why not embrace the messages your body has given to you to ensure you have the rest and relaxation that your body requires. Instead of knocking back the Lemsip or Night Nurse how about recognising that maybe your diet hasn’t been as nourishing as it needs to be?

Recognising that maybe you could drink more water and less tea/coffee, eat better food and nurture your body with excellent nutrition? Instead of stressing that you won’t be able to get those ‘jobs’ done on your to-do list how about assessing that to-do list? Does it all need action-ing today? Can you delegate any tasks? Is it the end of the world if you let the stress go and prioritise yourself and put yourself at the top of your to-do list instead??

What would happen if we saw these health challenges in a positive light and listened to our body’s messages and expressions? How about celebrating them as an opportunity for growth!? I challenge you to try it and see how that shift can create an even healthier ‘you’ than you ever dared to dream could be achieved?

If you are interested in finding out more about a different view to health and finding out how you can be the best version of you give us a call and come see us.