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Two weekends ago we attended our association, the United Chiropractic Association, annual Chiropractic conference: Chiropractic Essentials.

This is held every year in Birmingham and sees Chiropractors, Chiropractic Assistants, Chiropractic Children and their team members come together. Melissa Sandford and her team never fail to organise the most electrifying and exciting line up of speakers from around the globe as well as several who are home grown.

The two days were packed full of not just educational information (latest research and evidence-based practice) but also motivational speakers and the leaders in our profession sharing their experiences and thoughts. Each and every speaker was amazing. Not just for giving their time and energy to us but for the gift and knowledge they bring and how that benefits and helps our wonderful profession grow. Some of the stand-out speakers for me I’ve highlighted below.

Gems of Wisdom

Kevin Proudman, our President, opened the weekend with his usual enthusiasm and love in his opening address. Dr Proudman has been in Chiropractic since before I was born (he started college in 1975!) and is an amazing leader of our profession. His dedication and the message he shares encouraging us all to have the confidence to share with people the power of chiropractic is remarkable. I always really look forward to hearing the gems of wisdom he will share with us. A truly special and wonderful person to start the weekend!

Chiro Superstars

James Chestnut kicked off the day delivering in his unique manner the most recent and up to date research within Chiropractic. I am always amazed that more people don’t know how well researched and ‘evidence-based’ Chiropractic is especially in the realms of health and not just for back pain!

Liz Anderson-Peacock is one of my all time favourite people to listen to. She has such a fabulous view of life and I love immersing myself in her presentations and learning from her. She spoke again in the afternoon session for the ‘chiropractic assistant breakout session’ and was equally as awesome!

Marc Hudson never fails to deliver. He’s a power house of passion and enthusiasm. His straight talking is refreshing and he has so much to share and teach us as a profession but also as human beings! His word for me was ‘commensurate’! Even more apt in the current climate following all the political aftermath in the UK and the USA I feel!

Benny Mathew and Tom Waller practice in Wales and England respectively and came to speak with us from the main stage. Their passion shone through and we felt inspired from likeminded people! Wendy O’Brien in her sterling form shared with us tools and great ideas to be motivated. She’s becoming a regular in the CA breakout session and I always enjoy hearing what she has to share and know it will help me!

A special mention to Hayley Dorrian who did an exceptional presentation to us from the CA session. Her passion and story touched every single person in that room (and I don’t believe many dry eyes were there at the end!). She’s a remarkable and inspiring lady. It’s so exciting to see ‘home grown’ leaders in our profession.

If you take just one thing away…

My ‘take away’ quote from the weekend came from Dave Fletcher, quoting Alan Watts.

‘You can’t get wet from the word water’.

This was the first time I had listened to Dave and I loved it! I’m looking forward to him venturing over here again!

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who made the weekend the transformational time it was! It ensures we stay on purpose and can serve our clients at the highest level possible!

If you’d like to find out more about the United Chiropractic Association then visit their website here.


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