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Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a highly mobile joint which means that good, solid shoulder function is dependent on the co-ordination of many muscle groups surrounding it.

The shoulder is a highly mobile joint which means that good, solid shoulder function is dependent on the co-ordination of many muscle groups surrounding it.

A shoulder trauma can occur in one of the tendons or muscles nearby but can quickly become irritated as you use your shoulder differently to compensate for any pain you may experience in that area.

Interestingly, shoulder issues can often originate from a problem with the neck and you may find you are experiencing referred pain in your shoulder. As doctors of Chiropractic we will undertake a thorough neurological and physical assessment to work out the root cause of your particular shoulder injury.

Once we are confident we understand the health challenge you are facing we can work on shoulder mobilisation through a number of adjustments throughout your body. Research from a 2012 study in The Journal of Chiropractic reveals Chiropractic care can provide effective relief in aiding your body to heal itself meaning you can return to the optimal health you deserve.


The Dynamic Family Chiropractic team provided me with expert care. They gave me a very comprehensive assessment including X-ray’s – plus regular review sessions. The treatment was always very carefully applied and built up over the weeks.  All I can say is that it actually worked for me, and helped a lot.



Everything about Dynamic Family Chiropractic is brilliant! I feel so much healthier for having been under their care for the last few weeks. Parts of my body that hadn’t moved in years are moving comfortably and easily now. But almost better than the physical discomfort that inspired me to go to DFC, are all the added benefits that come from being in their well tended brood. The reception is warm and inspiring. Everyone genuinely cares about your well being, so much so that you are inspired to care more about your own well being and all those steps towards health that seem so daunting when you’re out in the cold on your own become easier. There’s no pressure, just gentle, persistent inspiration to take another small step to feeling better, more alive, more dynamic. So glad to have discovered DFC and frankly traumatised to be moving house and away from something so rare and fantastic! xx



Liam and Kelly are the most incredible and knowledgeable people! My body experienced years of impact from trampolining and is now starting to feel more like my body again. Liam and Kelly will always make time for you and they provide an truly unique service. Don’t go anywhere else!



Very friendly and very focused on wholistic health – if your looking for a quick fix/bandaid solution then this is not the place for you but if you want long-term health improvement then Liam and Kelly will serve you in every way they can.


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