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Holistic and Sports Massage

We offer holistic and sports massage specifically tailored to each client.

Our holistic therapist works with their clients as a whole, taking into account their emotional and spiritual well-being, as well as their physical body.

Here at Dynamic Family Chiropractor, we take your health seriously. On your first visit with our massage therapist, we take a brief history so we can have an insight into your current health.

After a brief discussion with our massage therapist, you will be able to have a tailored massage focusing on any areas you have discussed together or simply an excellent relaxing and rebalancing massage!

Your massage will take place in our beautiful, purpose built, private massage room. The dedicated massage room is within the comfort of the practice.

During the massage, we advise you to wear comfortable clothing without any bulky accessories. We also advise removing jewellery before starting. We provide safe places to leave your valuable as well as specific places to be able to hang your clothes should you wish.

You are not expected to fully undress. It will be dependent on the area to be worked on. Your modesty and privacy are always taken seriously and as such we ensure your experience is both comfortable and highly professional. Most clients undress to their underwear and are covered fully with a towel.

Once our massage therapist has spoken with you privately about any health concerns you have they will leave the room while you undress. You are given a large towel to cover yourself before your therapist comes back into the room and massage begins.

Of course, talking is allowed during your session. However, we appreciate that lots of people just want to fully relax. Our expert massage therapists are highly experienced and will be respectful of how you choose to enjoy your time.

We provide relaxing and calming music to help your body de-stress during your massage. If you prefer not to have this playing during your massage then please just say.

We provide 60 minute and 30-minute massage appointments. Your first appointment we ask for you to allow an extra 15 minutes to begin with in order to fill out some brief forms. This not only ensures our massage therapists are able to tailor your massage to you but also to help you have the best experience possible.

Massage should not hurt. We are able to tailor your massage to make it as comfortable for you as possible. Our massage therapist will ensure that the pressure used is to your preference to ensure you have both a beneficial and enjoyable massage experience.

We use grapeseed oil which is 100% natural and unlikely to cause irritation. In the rare case that you may feel this oil is not suitable for you, we do have alternatives available.

The frequency of massage will be tailored to each individual. Some of our clients use massage on a very regular basis and others may have experienced massage once as a birthday gift! The frequency will depend on what your preference is as well as the professional recommendation from our therapists.

Our therapists are highly trained to be able to advise you appropriately to gain the maximum benefit from massage therapy. However, as with all aspects of your health how often you choose to have a massage is entirely up to you. Massage is extremely beneficial and is proven to benefit and improve your sleeping pattern, aid depression, stimulate circulation and improve skin condition

After your massage, you should feel lovely and relaxed. You may feel slightly tired. It is important to drink plenty of water after a massage as your lymph nodes will be drained which release toxins into your body.

Other types of massage we provide include Hot Stone Massage

*Massage is advised not to take place if you have broken a bone, have sunburn or if you have any contraindications asked by our massage therapist.


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