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Elderly Care

As the years increase that doesn’t mean we have to see a decrease in our health.

As the years increase that doesn’t mean we have to see a decrease in our health.

Something many elderly people experience as they get older is a reduction in the nervous system which controls every cell, tissue and organ, including brain function in our bodies.

As we get older and have lived with nerve system challenges for longer this altered nerve system function can mean our bodies find it harder to perform the things we want and need them to do. As a result, we see problems with mobility, poor co-ordination, balance and joint health issues.

Thankfully studies have shown it is possible to age gracefully, as research in 2016 published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics shows. The research revealed many older people’s balance and co-ordination improved following Chiropractic care, meaning falls amongst the older generation could be prevented allowing optimal health to be preserved.


I have been receiving adjustments for 2 years now. The change in my health has been amazing. I took early retirement due to health issues. After 5 months of chiropractic treatment I was able to return to work. The support and advice (in workshops and individually) helps to maintain your improvement.



Having suffered back problems in the past, the adjustments and advice I have received from Dynamic Family Chiropractic have ensured there hasn’t been a recurrence. With simple daily exercises and a few changes in my lifestyle I have certainly noticed the difference in my energy levels and general well-being.



I lived with back pain for ten years prior to care with DFC. The pain I felt was continuous but not excruciating. On occasions, the pain increased – usually when walking or standing for long periods. Whilst the pain did not stop me doing as I wanted, the accompanying stiffness was worsening.

Having worked in health care for 40+ years I did not seek medical help as I know that anti-inflammatories and painkillers would have been the ‘solution’ offered.

I am now having days/weeks with no pain – better than I had believed possible. Care is ongoing and there is always improvement. The stiffness has gone completely. I hadn’t realised just what restricted movement had done to me! I don’t feel like an old lady anymore! Thank you!



Been having treatment for the past few years and helped me tremendously. Feel fantastic and full of energy. No more issues with my lower back and my general health is great. The staff are wonderful and very friendly. A big thumbs up. Give them a try for any aches and pains, not just back issues….it will open your eyes.


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