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This year we took part in our annual ‘Care and Share’ event as established by our association the United Chiropractic Association. This is the sixth year we have been involved and each year just keeps getting bigger and better.

A real buzz is created around the office as the donations flood in and we see an ever growing collection of toys and gifts!

This year we decided that Tuesday 29th November was the day we would use to donate our day’s income to buy gifts and toys. On Wednesday 30th November we excitedly made the trip into town to buy as many toys as our trolleys could carry!!

That was a lot of toys…………………. They would then live under the Christmas tree in our office until collection day the following Monday.

The Salvation Army work tirelessly at this time of the year especially and they were still in great spirits when they came to collect the gifts.

All toys that had been donated by our clients (as well as several people from the local community!) were brand new and suitable for children from new babies right through to teens. We had all sorts of goodies from craft kits, beautiful books, action toys, hairdryers, soft toys and of course no Christmas is complete without a jigsaw puzzle and chocolate!!

With their car fully loaded (this itself was a task getting everything in!) we waved goodbye for this year.

Linda from the Salvation Army told me when we met that they had over 400 local families who were in need this year and who they have been helping.

She assured me that most, if not all, of those families would now have gifts for the children this Christmas. The families who are all in the Reading area are known well by the Salvation Army and as such they are able to match gifts to particular children for their interests and ages.

It’s a wonderful event for us to be able to be a part of and especially at this time of year it feels good to be able to help others!

We are very grateful to all of our amazing clients who gave gifts and helped make this year the most successful donation so far! You are amazing and greatly appreciated!

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