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I am personally delighted to introduce Mr. Ian Gregory as our client of the month.

Ian has been benefitting from regular Chiropractic care for at least 7 years and it has been my personal privilege to serve him throughout this time. I am extremely grateful to Ian for the many practice lessons that I have learned from our time together.

We first met when I was an associate at a practice in Ascot where it took me ‘too long’ to see that his frequency of care was not serving him well. Ian’s personal and work stressors played a big role in producing recurrent health challenges and one adjustment per month (“at best”) was unable to facilitate any short-term changes never mind long-term changes to his health and how he was feeling.

He has been at Dynamic Family from the early beginning and I feel fortunate to witness the huge transformations in Ian’s health and life. Ian, you are an inspiration to me both in life and in practice and I am honoured to be able to serve you.

Thank you.

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