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Our June client of the month is the very lovely Kirsty, here is what Dr. Liam has to say about Kirsty.

Kirsty has been a valued client of Dynamic Family Chiropractic since late 2013 and it continues to be our privilege to serve her. Despite regularly seeing other Chiropractors Kirsty was still amazed to hear that there was a lot more to Chiropractic than relief for back pain. “Why have I not heard this before?” may have been an early indignant response.

Kirsty is pro-active in her approach to life making informed decisions about her physical, nutritional and emotional choices in life and it is such a buzz for me to be working with someone with this level of awareness. I have witnessed Kirsty thrive under regular vitalistic Chiropractic Care and I hope she would agree that her improved health and life direction are the positive reflection of this.

Thank you Kirsty for always turning up with such enthusiasm and readiness to be the best you can be. I am extremely grateful to you and it’s my absolute pleasure to serve you.

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