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Marketed (in my opinion) as a weight loss book this is SO much more. Jason Vale has a great understanding of nutrition and some wonderful juices to help get you and your health back on track.

This is an easy to follow programme that basically holds your hand through everything from shopping to making the juices. There is also now a really handy app that makes it even simpler. There really is no excuse to not follow it fully if you were thinking of giving this a go.

I love juices and the benefits of them. Who doesn’t want to feel good and look great?! We all know the benefit of juicing on a daily basis (the media has been our friend for this for the past few years). The movie ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ is a testament to how beneficial to chronic health challenges juicing can be.

We’ve always enjoyed green juices as a family even when our babies were small (from about 8 months they had them) and in our workshops on juicing in the practice the children are the first to want to try them, and the first for second helpings!! It would seem the greener the better!!

Juicing Ingredients

Being the ‘devil’s advocate’ though what about the argument that juicing is not whole food? The question about whether it can really be healthy to remove the bulk of the food and leave only the juice is a good one. Juicing experts explain that in the short term it is to encourage your digestive track to ‘have a rest’! Juicing can do this by already having ‘broken down’ the fibre in the foods so your body doesn’t do this.

That said, as a vitalistic Chiropractor I have a challenge with that. The food was made perfectly with both the juice and the fibre. The fibre is essential to help ensure that you don’t have the huge sugar hit from fruits by having the fibre (the fleshy part) as part of the fruit. By removing the pulp you are left with a lot of fruit sugar.

In all of Jason’s books he chooses the ingredients carefully so the juices are (mostly!!) easy to drink and not strong in the veggie taste but are balanced to ensure this sugar hit is minimised. What is also worth noting is that most of us don’t have pure and clean diets so by giving your digestive tract a proper rest you allow healing and allow it to recover (‘bad’ fats and processed foods along with artificial sugars and additives give your digestion, and body, a really hard time!).

So yes, solely juicing for the next 12 months may have drawbacks. However choosing to juice as a detox and kick start to a healthier diet can be wonderful. Then you can keep going with a juice daily (or two!) and invest in a whole food blender that makes smoothie type drinks. We often make the juice and then we add it to the whole food blender. It’s a bit more work but as spinach isn’t a fan of our juicer I’m happy with that!

We have lots of copies of Jason’s book in our lending library so you can start enjoying the benefits of juicing today!

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