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Hot Stone Massage

A unique form of massage that increases the blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system which heightens and supports the immune system.

Charlotte Kent


Charlotte Kent

Charlotte is our Massage Therapist. She loves massage because of the countless benefits it brings to your body and your mind. In her spare time, Charlotte enjoys running, yoga and experimenting with cooking healthy food. Charlotte is also a keen record collector! She is thrilled to have joined the lovely team at Dynamic Family Chiropractic and we are very pleased to have her here at the practice. Charlotte will be massaging here at DFC on Monday afternoons, Tuesday mornings Thursday afternoons and also selected Saturdays.


What is a Hot Stone Massage?


A Hot Stone Massage is a special type of massage where the therapist uses smooth volcanic stones, heated to a comfortable temperature, as an accompaniment to their own hands. The heat allows the therapist to work deeper into the muscles in an efficient amount of time. Depending on the preference of the client, a cold stone may also be used briefly, alongside the hot stone.


Where did Hot Stone Massage come from?


The use of heated stones originated from the Native Americans, the heated stones were used to address ailments and restore the body’s balance. This technique was adopted by the Greeks and the Romans as a therapeutic tool. The Romans introduced the use of cold marble stones. Later, Cowboys also used the hot volcanic stones to heat their beds along with their travels! The modern day health and well-being industry adapted this technique into a massage that is beneficial for the body, mind, and soul.


Why is Hot Stone Massage so good for you?


A Hot Stone Massage is a unique form of massage that increases the blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system which heightens and supports the immune system. It raises the body temperature which therefore increases the metabolism by 10 – 15%!

The body experiences a deeper level of relaxation due to the warming effect of the stones. 1 stroke of a Hot Stone is equivalent to 10 strokes during a normal massage!

The combination of a Hot and a Cold stone may also be used on occasion; this can eliminate congestion, reduce puffiness around the eyes, breakdown fatty deposits, and act as a compress to an injured area.

Sarah, a recent Hot Stone Massage Client described her experience this way ‘After the Massage, my entire body felt brand new! I had better movement in my joints almost instantly; it was the best gift I could have given to myself!’


How often should I have a Hot Stone Massage?


The frequency of massage is tailored to each individual. Some of our clients use massage on a very regular basis and others may have experienced massage once as a gift! The frequency will depend on what your preference is as well as the professional recommendation from our experienced therapists.


When can I book my first Hot Stone Massage


Today! Massage appointments are available on Monday afternoons, Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons and selected Saturdays. We offer 60 minute or 30-minute appointments. Give the practice a call on 0118 946 2418, or contact us here to book your appointment with our professional therapist.

Other types of massage we provide include Holistic Massage


*Massage is advised not to take place if you have broken a bone, have sunburn or if you have any contraindications asked by our massage therapist.


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30 Minute Massage £35.00

60 Minute Massage £55.00

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