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A huge thank you to our clients for sharing their experience of our Practice, Care, and Results


I can’t speak highly enough about the experience I have had with Dynamic Family Chiropractic. I have noticed significant improvements in my health and well-being since I have been seeing the team at Dynamic Family Chiropractic. My outlook on health and the way I live my life has completely changed for the better.



Having suffered back problems in the past, the adjustments and advice I have received from Dynamic Family Chiropractic have ensured there hasn’t been a recurrence. With simple daily exercises and a few changes in my lifestyle I have certainly noticed the difference in my energy levels and general well-being.



I lived with back pain for ten years prior to care with DFC. The pain I felt was continuous but not excruciating. On occasions, the pain increased – usually when walking or standing for long periods. Whilst the pain did not stop me doing as I wanted, the accompanying stiffness was worsening.

Having worked in health care for 40+ years I did not seek medical help as I know that anti-inflammatories and painkillers would have been the ‘solution’ offered.

I am now having days/weeks with no pain – better than I had believed possible. Care is ongoing and there is always improvement. The stiffness has gone completely. I hadn’t realised just what restricted movement had done to me! I don’t feel like an old lady anymore! Thank you!



After months of having a bad back/neck, there were days where I couldn’t bare the thought of anyone touching my back. I finally decided to go and do something about it. I saw Kelly twice a week and it was the best money I have ever spent. She is very welcoming, friendly and made me feel very comfortable. Now I feel amazing.



The Dynamic Family Chiropractic team provided me with expert care. They gave me a very comprehensive assessment including X-ray’s – plus regular review sessions. The treatment was always very carefully applied and built up over the weeks.  All I can say is that it actually worked for me, and helped a lot.



Absolutely fantastic, they are so friendly, their knowledge on chiropractic and health is never-ending. Their specialist neurological assessments alongside their brilliant understanding for babies, children and pregnant women is excellent. The whole place is wonderful and my family and I love going.



Better posture, general health improvements, improved sleep and mental awareness every day. Great practice with friendly staff and great owners in Liam and Kelly. A family, friendly, chiropractic clinic that I would recommend to anyone that needs adjustments.


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